maximum comfort
in a design
you wear
with pride

our story

In 2015 Godie van de Paal founded KOW Lifestyle in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It was the result of a wish and a conviction: the wish to preserve an amazing hand-crafted product and the conviction that doing business responsibly is not just possible, but also feasible.

Hand-crafted tradition

For years, Judith had hand-crocheted comfortable slippers with a layer of latex on the bottom to prevent slipping. They weren’t very fashionable, but oh were they comfortable! Having worn and loved these crocheted slippers herself for years, Godie decided to take over the business after Judith’s retirement and turn her ‘pothies’ into KOWs.

We don’t just press for good working conditions, we determine them

KOW slippers are manufactured in our own workshop: that way we have full control over all aspects of manufacturing including working conditions and supply- and waste management. The human aspect of manufacturing is pivotal to us: an artisanal, hand-crafted product made from fine yarns is a work of love. The care and commitment we have for our staff is returned by them in the care and commitment they show to their work.

Minimal footprint, maximal creativity

We source and produce with the aim to leave a minimal footprint on this planet. A big goal for a small company, but we make our choices in careful consideration of the impact we have on this planet. The materials used are biodegradable; there are no chemicals used in the process of making KOW slippers and our zero-waste project allows us to exercise our creativity and redesign scrap materials into exciting new products.

style and comfort

We wanted to make a product that you enjoy looking at as much as you enjoy wearing it.

Your feet literally carry the full weight and play a pivotal role in stress-reduction and relaxation. Using non-confining materials such as yarn and suede leather, KOW slippers offer constraint-free movement. To enhance relaxation of the foot, and by extension, the entire body.

KOW Lifestyle has strong Dutch roots, and the influence of Dutch Design is visible in our slippers’ design: minimalist, functional, yet aesthetic. A special pattern was developed to ensure that the slipper shapes to your feet, and stays there. The materials we use are of high quality, ensuring breathability and reducing perspiration and smell.

“Just love ‘m! No more cold feet for me.”

Maartje Smeets

“They were a gift for my sister in law who now wears them pretty much all the time!”

Eva Martina Jones

“Super comfy slippers! The wool is very soft and not itchy at all. They keep my feet perfectly warm. Love them!”

Eva de Hartog

“Loving my slippers! Bought some in Cambodia and took them back home to Virginia where it is getting colder and they are perfect!”

Sarah Thompson

“Our kids wear them pretty much all day. Nice colours and a great fit.”

Jolienke Weinans

“Very comfortable slippers for some relaxation after a day’s work!”

Thomas van Rijnsoever